Goldshell KD6

The Goldshell KD6 model is one of the latest releases from the Goldshell brand. It is scheduled for release sometime in April 2022. The profitability of the KD6 model from Goldshell is expected to be much better than that of the Goldshell KD5 miner which is a favorite amongst crypto miners. The KD6 model from Goldshell uses the kadena mining algorithm like most Goldshell miners and has a hashrate of 26.3TH/S. It has a power consumption of 2630W

Where To Buy Asic Miners

Antminer Hardware is a technology company based on blockchain and computing.  Our focus is the sale of high performance asic miners at the best prices. We specialize in the distribution of goldshell products all over the U.S and Europe. Goldshell is known for making some of the highest performance miners as seen with the KD5 which has being in great demand ever since it was released. Due to the demand for goldshell miners outweighing the supply it has become very hard to find a reliable supplier. That is where we at antminer hardware come in. We specialing in sourcing and finding these miners for our clients from trusted vendors so they don’t have too. So look no further buy your asic miners from us and avoid any hazzles.

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Goldshell Vs Antminer

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